Continuing Training

Directorate of Distance Training, College of Kashmir is with the mandate of offering a possibility to all those who are in service or couldn’t get admission in the formal mode of education as a consequence of various known and unknown reasons. I’m armed forces officer with 19 years service and BE (ECE) from Madras university. This, of course, increases your possibilities of admission and makes the applying procedure more versatile for the student. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Studying has a Dynamic Assessment System , Participants decide the time, place and pace of the examination. This virtual College provides diploma programmes and diploma and the certificate courses typically for those who could not make it to the classroom.

This enrolment will also be accomplished online and may require also the fee of the full or partial tuition payment. Additionally, simply as all conventional universities usually are not of the same high quality, so too does the same applies to on-line schools. Taking courses in this manner is termed hybred schooling-some courses are taken online and others are taken, again, in the conventional classroom setting.