Fun With Dimensional Analysis

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Notice that the mL are being divided by mL, an equivalent unit. We can cancel these our, which ends with the zero.187571 g. However, this is not our closing reply, since this outcome has too many important figures and have to be rounded down to three vital digits. This is as a result of zero.214 mL has three vital digits and the conversion issue had four significant digits. Since 5 is greater than or equal to five, we must around the previous 7 up to eight.

Polyurethanes (PUs) have been synthesised using methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), polytetrahydrofuran ether diol (PTMG), and chain extenders containing completely different quantities of aliphatic side chains. Hybrid materials were Educational Opportunity then ready by reacting the PUs with nano-TiO2. The effects of different molecular constructions of the chain extenders on the surface properties of PU coatings and the hybrid supplies had been investigated.

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