Vero Beach Dig Site May Rewrite Florida’s History

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A number of cuneiform tablets bearing the identify Tattenai have survived as part of what could have been a household archive. The pill that links one member of this household to the Bible character is a promissory observe dated to the 20th year of Darius I, 502 B.C.E. It identifies a witness to the transaction as a servant of Tattannu, governor of Across-the-River”​—the same Tattenai who appears in the Bible e-book of Ezra.

Ten major archeological discoveries of the past century which can be important for understanding the world of the Bible are recognized. For each discover, a story of its discovery and the crucial info it unlocks is relayed, plus its connection to key biblical occasions Educational Travel or references. These ten discoveries illustrate the purpose that new info about the Bible, its world and personalities, come by diligence in archeological research.

Satellite imagery akin to Google Earth , Microsoft’s Bing and Nasa’s World Wind has made it doable to zoom into even the most distant corners of the globe to find sites. By serving to to identify things like settlement mounds or enclosures, it will possibly assist draw consideration to locations the place such sites could also be found. Aerial images have been used on this way because the 1930s, but these had been sometimes tough to access. The common availability of Google Earth has subsequently made it a improbable tool for professional and citizen scientists alike. However there are numerous pitfalls in interpretation of satellite tv for pc photos that may only be resolved on the ground.